Premier Tryout Manual

The primary purpose of premier tryouts is to evaluate and to place individuals onto teams that are developmentally appropriate for each player. Children develop at different rates and it is important for players developmentally to be placed onto teams that have other players at very similar levels of technical, tactical, physical, and psychological abilities and/or knowledge. One of the primary responsibilities of our coaching staff is to collectively group players of similar abilities at this time in their development onto teams. Our coaching staff, within specific age groups, works together collaboratively to not only design the tryouts themselves but to help place each player appropriately on a team within our club. There are numerous variables that go into placing each child (ie. developmental ability, player potential, positions of need or abundance, commitment level, etc.). At SKV, our premier coaching staff is composed only of individuals who have soccer specific coaching licenses and/or are individuals who have exceptional amount of playing experience. Our coaching staff is committed to developing players the right way and they take that commitment very seriously when placing players on specific teams.

We know you have many questions about our organization, our philosophies, our coaches, and much more so we have spent a considerable amount of time preparing this Premier Tryout Manual for you. Please click the link to view our Sporting Kaw Valley Premier Tryout Manual.