Kaw Valley Soccer Association & Prodigy Soccer Club Merger

Kaw Valley Soccer Association & Prodigy Youth Soccer Club Merge to Form Sporting Kaw Valley

The Sporting Club Network is excited to introduce Sporting Kaw Valley today following the merger between the Prodigy Youth Soccer Club (Topeka) and the Kaw Valley Soccer Association (Lawrence). Together, two of the largest and most successful soccer clubs in Northeastern Kansas have joined forces to form Sporting Kaw Valley, which will serve as one of the five official Sporting Kansas City Juniors Affiliates Academy's in the region.

Sporting Kaw Valley, which will serve over 2,200 players between the ages of 3-18, will field approximately 60 competitive/premier teams in the Fall 2013 and will enjoy a range of exclusive benefits as a Sporting KC Academy Affiliate. Some advantages include a path to the U.S. Soccer Development Academy, specialized training curriculum, and opportunities for players and coaches to train with Sporting Kansas City's Academy and senior team staff members. The club will also have access to the Sporting Club Training Center in Swope Park, as well as the Sporting Club Network coach's education and licensing series.

The five Sporting Kansas City Academy affiliate clubs are now Sporting Blue Valley (Kansas City), Sporting St. Louis Rangers, Tulsa Soccer Club Hurricanes, Sporting Lincoln FC and Sporting Kaw Valley. The Sporting Club Network, a groundbreaking membership of more than 30 clubs and athletic organizations, was created to bring groups throughout the Midwest together as partners with Sporting Club and Sporting Kansas City.

The Prodigy Youth Soccer Association (PYSA) was established in Topeka, KS in 1998 by Colby Williams and serves the needs of nearly 500 competitive youth soccer players, between the ages of 8-19 years of age, annually. "This merger is an exciting opportunity. We are combining two great clubs with amazing coaches, players, staffs, and resources to really ensure that all players have every opportunity and the best coaching available to help them to be the best that they can be," said Colby Williams, Sporting Kaw Valley Director of Coaching.

The Kaw Valley Soccer Association (KVSA) was established in Lawrence, KS in 1982 and provides the opportunity for nearly 1800 children, between 3-19 years of age, to participate in recreational, academy, and competitive soccer programs each year. "We are extremely excited about the possibilities that this merger represents. With the support of Sporting Kansas City, we're confident that SKV will be able to offer a level of training, coaching, and a variety of new and unique benefits, to our members, that few soccer organizations in the region will be able to match," said Marcus Dudley, Executive Director Sporting Kaw Valley.

Together as Sporting Kaw Valley, these clubs will continue to provide children from ages 3-19 with the opportunity to learn the game in a fun and recreational way, expand their skills and abilities in the academy training leagues, and compete at a variety of levels in the Premier leagues.