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The Sporting Kaw Valley High School Leadership Lyceum is a year long program that focuses on personal and professional growth, leadership development, and community. This exciting new program will be offered to 10-12 high school students each season (20-24 players per year) with cohorts beginning every spring and fall. The class will meet once a month (usually 2 hours on Sunday evenings) and will include a series of lectures, assignments, guest speakers and field trips. In addition, participants will earn 30 hours of community service by volunteering to help Recreation, Academy, and Premier coaches run their practices. They will also serve as assistant trainers and staff members at SKV camps, tournaments, club events and complete a capstone class community project.

To be considered for the SKV Leadership Lyceum class that will begin in March 2017, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Must be a sophomore or junior in high school
  2. Must be a SKV high school player (Academy or Premier)
  3. Must be a student in good academic standing
  4. Must complete and submit this SKV Leadership Lyceum application before March 3, 2017
  5. Must forward 2 personal letters of recommendation (from a coach, teacher, business professional, employer, faith leader, etc.) to no later than 5pm on Friday, March 3rd.

If accepted into the program, the first session of the program will take place the evening of March 19th (location TBD).

Building Future Leaders Through the Sport of Soccer!