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    The Girls Academy is an intermediate program emphasizing fundamental technical skills and their tactical application. Priority will be given to teaching game intelligence, or "soccer IQ". The curriculum is age-appropriate and instruction is provided by qualified coaches under the guidance of the Academy director.

    Girls Academy is comprised of two different age groups: U8/U9 and U10/U11/U12, though players outside of those age ranges may still play after an evaluation. We will have a mandatory player evaluation prior to the start of the season so we can form balanced teams and assess the players' level of development so we can design an appropriate training plan. There will be two practice sessions each week. The director will design the curriculum and oversee the staff coaches.

    Players will practice as a team some of the time, and divided in groups based on ability some of the time. Ability training is the best way to develop all players, so they are evenly matched and have the optimal ration of challenge vs success.

    Teams may change each season to enable the girls to ensure the teams are balanced and remain competitive.This league promotes local competitive play among teams within Girls Academy, and most games are played at the YSI Sports Complex. There are two seasons: fall and spring. Player fees do not include uniforms.


    1. I (Mauro Nobre) will direct and oversee the program, the training, and the curriculum for the Girls Academy
    2. The Fall and spring season will consist of 8 games each. The season will be divided into two phases in the spring. Phase one will consist of five league games. Phase two will consist of the Classic Cup tournament. For the Classic Cup we will form pools in each age group, and teams will be seeded based on the first six games. Each team will play three round robin games, and the top two point getters will play a championship game. The Classic Cup is part of the season, and the cost is included in your fees.
    3. We will have a tournament team in each age group, and will play in two Premier level tournaments. This is called the Academy Select program. Participants will be chosen by invitation, based on the player evaluations.
    Girls Academy Lawrence Practice Sessions

    Practices, games, and tournament times & locations

    • Please check the calendar below. 
    • Check back frequently to get the latest updates and additions. 
    • Wear a white t-shirt to practice
    • Bring a fully inflated ball
    • Wear shin guards
    • Bring water
    • Wear warm layers: thermal underpants, undershirts, fleece, wind/rain proof jacket, fleece gloves and stocking caps 


    Academy Uniforms

    BOYS & GIRLS ACADEMY (including JUNIOR ACADEMY) uniforms are the same as they were for the 2016-2017 (Academy uniforms change every two years due to our Adidas contract and the limited lifespan and availability of uniform styles). ALL brand new ACADEMY PLAYERS IN LAWRENCE, MANHATTAN AND TOPEKA & SALINA will need to purchase new uniforms to play in the fall 2017 season.If you played in the Academy league last year, and your uniform still fits, then you do not need to purchase a new one.

    Girls Academy Lawrence Schedule
    Mauro Nobre, Girls Academy Director

    Mauro Nobre oversees the Girls Academy, the Boys Academy, Junior Academy, Senior Academy, and is the Technical Director for the Premier division. Mauro has a wealth of knowledge and experience in coaching and developing soccer players. He also coaches in the SKV Premier Division.

    Classic Cup Results