U6 Recreation Rules

U6 Age Group

  • Field Size: 30x20 yards
  • Ball Size: Size 3
  • Players on the field: The U6 age group plays 3x3 without a goal keeper.
  • Playtime: 4 quarters of 8 minutes play, 2 minutes rest in between quarters and 5 minute halftime. 
  • Throw-ins: Allow players unlimited throw-ins to get it right.
  • Corner kicks: NONE. Use corner throw-ins.
  • Substitutions: allowed at any stoppage of play (ball out of bounds, foul, kick-off), time keeps running.
  • Playing time: All players should play an equal amount of time. 
  • Goal kicks: taken at nearest 3 yard spot from goal line into the field of play.
  • Offsides: not called.
  • Referee: One official referee will be assigned to the game. If no referee is available, the two coaches may act as referees, provided they call the game fairly and correctly. 
  • Slide tackling: sliding with one or both feet over the ground to get possession of the ball is not allowed. Restart: indirect free kick.
  • Fouls: pushing, pulling, tripping, kicking opponent, handling the ball, and dangerous play (high kick with opponent nearby). All fouls result in an indirect free kick for the opposing team. A goal can only be scored from an indirect free kick if the ball is touched by another player (team mate or opponent) than the kicker before it enters the goal.
  • No headers. If a player takes a header it will result in an immediate foul with possession given to the other team.
  • Coaches on the field: coaches may be on the playing field to assist in giving directions to their players.